GORGEOUS IEVA FOR VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW 2012!!! posted on 14. Nov, 2012 | tags: Ieva Laguna fashion victoria's secret dandy models fashion show

Last week our top model Ieva Laguna has strengthened her position in the world’s top models elite, being the second year in a row selected for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which was held in New York. “I’m extremely thrilled and happy!” told us Ieva by the phone. “It’s a dream come true and a honor to work for world known Victoria’s Secret for every model!” Every year Victoria’s Secret runway show attracts world press and fans with their colorful, musical and well made shows. Several hour casting is made to choose best of the best girls from world top model list. Not only the model works are valued – healthy look and personality also mean a lot! “This year going to casting was a little bit different than the last year due to known weather disaster. Couple of days before hurricane made 8.7 million of people suffered from electricity and water supply damages, as well as telephone. And I was no exception. So I was late 10 min for the casting as also I was the last girl, so the casting team were ready to leave when I got there. Of course as the last girl there they’ve remembered me and loudly told: ”OH, miss Laguna is finally here..Bad girl Ieva!” To the question “What does it mean for you to walk for Victoria’s Secret?” Ieva said: “Second time is much more significant for me than the first time. Last time they gave me a chance and this time I had to verify their expectations. It’s an extremely thrilling opportunity! Imagine, in 17 years they’ve been 150 girls only!” The runway was rocked not only by Ieva, such world known performers like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars sang live during the show. One more interesting fact is that this time Ieva was one and only girl from Baltic states who participated. Just after the show all the models were invited for Victoria’s Secret afterparty. Ieva told us that it went very smooth and fun. Models felt very special!”

We're extremely proud to have Ieva, which represents DANDY and Latvia in a totally new level to the whole wide world! 

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