Hello New York! Fresh snaps of beautiful Denija!!! posted on 03. Sep, 2012 | tags: Denija Sarkanbikse dandy fashion

The first day of September, the first day of Fall. And as they say, September is the January in fashion! With first runway shows In September fashion world starts breathing again. New York City has an opportunity to start fashion week season. As the megapolis of the world they are very influential in the fashion industry. Coming down the New York designer runway can be a successful starting point for a model, as a good example there's Ginta Lapina who got exclusive Proenza Schouler back in days. After that runway she became the girls we know now. Last week our uprising star Denija went to New York for the upcoming fashion week and here are her first snapshots! Denija looks young, fresh and irresistable! We wish her a great season, and it's super cool to have another Latvian model out there!

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