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We got our hands on the post perspective model of all! After a full fashion week season and exclusive Givenchy runway show in Paris she returnes back to Latvia to have a rest for a couple of weeks. We invited her for an exclusive interview, so you can know her better! So here it is!


How did you begin your modeling career 

 -Nils saw me once on the bus stop and followed me all the way to Mežaparks. Then he introduced himself, invited me with my parents for an apointment and that’s how it started. 

What was your opinion about this huge fashion industry, before you became a piece of it? Has something changed in your perception about it?

-I never thought about fashion, because it never bothered me. I realized that fashion industry is something you can’t reach, all those magazines and shows, I didn’t have a hint how to get there.

And what do you think about it now?

-Well, now I believe it’s quite easy to get there. (laughs) You know, when you are there, everything becomes much easier. 

Which designers you liked to work with the most and why?

-Oh my, I had so many shows and it’s hard to tell.

Which one was your favorite then?

-I think Dolce&Gabbana, Domenico and Stefano are super positive! And of course Givenchy! (laughs) 

No secret this season was especially successful. You’ve worked for Armani, Givenchy – who took you as exclusive model. What are your feelings on being so demanded at your 17 years?

-It’s nice knowing you’re wanted at 17, bit I don’t think that much about it. Many models told me: “OMG! You’ve got a Givenchy exclusive!..” And I said: “Well, yeah, and so?” Surly, there are lots of great words told about me and it’s fine with me, although nothing changed. I’m still me as I used to be.

And how did your friends react to your sudden popularity?

Well, many of them who didn’t talk to me a lot started to write, they say: “Ohh, we saw you there and there”. (laughs)

I’ve noticed that you always looked gorgeous in every runway show. What is your secret of good looking in such a stressful everyday regime?

-(Confused about the compliment) To be true, I didn’t have spare time while the show season, I was running around all day from casting to casting and there’s no need of special diet or sport. I lived like this: Breakfast in the early morning. All day I was in the city. When I got home it was already 11pm and I cooked my supper.

Is there something specific you’re eating?

-I prefer yogurt or “Kellogs” in the mornings and I eat pasta or rice with boiled chicken filet and souses in the evenings. I really like chicken and rice, but I’m not such a meat lover.

Do you drink coffee often?

-I dislike coffee, I never drink it!

There’s an opinion that model industry is not that clean like it looks. Was there a situation in which you were made to sacrifice your dignity or forget about your character while working with designers or photographs?

Sometimes there are such situations, you’re exhausted but you still need to work and you can’t complain. You need to learn to overcome stress and be patient, sometimes you need to kill 4 hours on a fitting or casting, but job must be done! Of course You can just stand up and go, but if your aim is to get somewhere better than you are right now, you need to overcome yourself.

Did you ever open your eyes in the morning with an idea to stay at home and to do nothing?

-Sometimes I get this ugly feeling (laughing) but I had to do what I had to do!

Have you already burned yourself while working in this modeling career?

There are some moments when I feel sorry for myself. I think that my colleagues from school are still learning and I have to work already. But on the other hand – this is a lifetime opportunity which can’t be ignored.  

Do you miss your home and family when you’re abroad?

-You know, when I’m somewhere else I really miss my home, but when I get back, I’m starting to miss the life of a model. When I’m at my parents house I really enjoy being lazy and doing nothing.

Parents usually are quite skeptical about their kids starting a modeling career. How did your parents react when they got a call from Nils?

-My parents, as all of them, were super skeptical. Nils had a long chat before they even came to meet him in the office. With every gathering and journey abroad they became more trustful to everything what I was doing. I call my parents every day when I’m abroad , they know everything and they don’t worry about me so much.

What are your plans and wishes for the future?

I need to graduate my school, then high school. I’d like to walk for Prada show as well. (laughing)



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