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    Killer shoes

This is a truly one of the most special day for us, we're finally revealing the hottest news of the year 2012. 

A Spring/Summer 2012 haute couture season was officially opened week ago in Paris. 
Everyone knows that couture is much more than just a fashion - it's a way of life that no ordinary human can afford. 
Collections were shown for the press and exclusive clients, time flew and Givenchy fashion house showed their collection. 
You could see handmade, screaming luxury like always and craftsmanship garments filled with Ricardo Tisci's dark spirit. Givenchy didn't do couture runway show for the third season, they preferred to present collections for private clients in their Givenchy House in the heart of Paris. Mannequins dressed in next season couture were hanged in baroque styled rooms and only 2 models were there to show off garments in action. 
One of two girls chosen for that huge opportunity was no other than our girl Denija Sarkanbikse! She's the first DANDY model who worked for Givenchy within almost 10 year history! So you can imagine, how thrilled we are sharing this with you!
Here's a little interview we've got from Denija. 
How was it working with Ricardo Tisci (cheaf designer of Givenchy)?

It was really fun. Actually I didn't know how Ricardo looks like, but later I got it. He personally talked to each client, revealing the vision behind every look. I was just walking around the rooms, looking gorgeous. 
Tell us, how much did these earings weight and how comfortable were the shoes?

The first day was ok, but the next day I was really tired of those shoes, cause you know, they didn't have any platform for such a high heel. 
The "grape" earings were not so comfortable, first day I managed to hold them, but later I suffered from their weight. They're made of metal, studded with crystals and held on a really tiny metal headband. Actually all their weight holds on that headband which is a pain to your scull. Although I was thrilled working for Givenchy, and you know, fashion sometimes can be painfull! :D
Denija is in New York at the moment waiting for Fall/Winter 12/13 womenswear season to start. We wish her good luck! 

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