Ginta for Saks fifth avenue September Fashion 2011 catalog posted on 08. Sep, 2011 | tags: Ginta Lapina Saks fifth avenue september dandy 2011

Don't think that Ginta stopped working, she's only gathering her power for the upcoming fashion weeks.

Like every model Ginta has a great fashion sence as well, she's super stylish. Living in NY she has all the acces to the best designer boutiques, but it requires so much time and time is money. That's why there is such a wonderful place as SAKS fifth avenue, a luxury Shopping centre in the heart of Manhattan. Every celebrity, model and rich person knows SAKS. It's even considered as a cult for fashion maniacs!

Ginta was chosen to show the new arrivals for SAKS September Fashion catalog. Looking young and happy is Ginta's trademark, so you go girl! 

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