Riga Fashion Week Gala Show - Tom Rebl and our boys posted on 16. May, 2011 | tags: Dandy RFW Riga Fashion Week Tom Rebl Kristians Silis Jegors Kuzmins Olegs Bekis Niks Gulbis Girts Reiniks Dags Laucins

Couple of months passed after 14 Riga Fashion week has ended. There were shown Fall/Winter collections made by our Latvian designers. The show who all were waiting for was Italian brand Tom Rebl. Most of show models were our male models, Kristiāns Silis, Jegors Kuzmins, Oļegs Bekis, Niks Gulbis, Ģirts Reiniks, Dāgs Lauciņš. Here's a photo review. 


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