THE SPRING HAS COME - MARA FOR FASHIONFRUIT.LV posted on 20. Feb, 2012 | tags: Dandy models Mara Kampernova editorial

The winter is finally over and spring grants us with delightful warm weather. Latest fashion news are New York fashion week with it's world leading designer shows , the post about it is just around the corner - so wait pationtly!

Today we want ot show you, in case you've mised it, this stunning editorial starring our beautiful Mara Kampernova exclusively for homepage. Shot by Viktorija Anisko - next big name in photography industry who you should learn and remember. 

This time Mara was asked to show her manly side - and for you to know - she pulled it of like a master. Mara is one of those girls, who can become anyone without losing her personality, maybe it's in her eyes which makes us believe in her. Shaving and smoking cigares makes her look like an independant twenty first century woman. 


Photograph: Viktorija Anisko

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