Kristians "YABBADABBADOO" for PeterTom&Dave magazine posted on 14. Dec, 2011 | tags: Kristians Silis Dandy models fashion magazine editorial

Another day, another editorial. You do remember us speaking about Kristians in Milan, now we've received this fresh ediotirial called "YABBADABBADOO" for PeterTom&Dave magazine. PeterTom&Dave is a magazine specified on world male model photography with a dash of fashion and art.  We could call this photosession "crazy" cause we can't post some pics from it considering them too pervert, but if you are interested, you can find an online version of magazine HERE. Skinny Kristians makes his appearance in loudly talked about Versace for H&M collection peaces, too bad they're all sold out. All the garments suit Kristians just right and he's the right man for this job without any objections!

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