CELEBRATION OF FREEDOM - MARA BY POLINA VILJUN posted on 22. Nov, 2011 | tags: Mara Kampernova Dandy Polina Viljun fashion model

There's no such special feeling as freedom. It's the perpetum mobile of life. 
When you're free - you're happy. When you're happy - you can be yourself. When you're yourself - you're free, and the world becomes the best place to live in. Every human searches for it's own freedom - power of being someone who you really are. Women are those who have never been so free lately, but they aren't repressed any more, they are allowed to learn, dress or behave how they want. They've chosen freedom as their partner on this journey we call life. 
For this photoshoot made by no ordinary Polina Viljun was chosen Mara. Most sensual of all our models. Looking chic Parisien she shows her true personality, and we love it!

Clothes by BLOW.

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