Janis Vilumovs for Hunter Magazine posted on 27. Oct, 2011 | tags: Janis Vilumovs Hunter Magazine fashion Dandy

How is it to be young and famous?

Well, for starters you can express yourself for who you are. Our youngest generation of teenagers is quite opened at this matter, look at all the hipsters at every corner - is that the new future? Why not, until they grow up smart and responsible, we're ok with that. It's just the way of life - we believe our grandparents remeber the hippie culture blooming in the 70's, disco and new wave in the 80's and 90's and look at us now - everything's fine. 

Recently Janis was shot for Hunter magazine, quite controversial and "out of the box" fashion magazine. Looking young and famous - as it's supposed to be in our time - and we <3 it!

Photo - Marco Pietracupa


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