IEVA LAGUNA - NIGHT BIRD OF FRENCH MAGAZINE posted on 05. Oct, 2011 | tags: Ieva Laguna French magazine fashion Dandy

The power of women was a forbidden subject for centuries. First girls to battle for a woman's freedom were feminists, who got away with smoking in public, no bra wearing and other not so feminine stuff. But that special strength of a woman was always there, inside every girl, lady or missis. Fashion has changed the world upside down for some time now, girls are not afraid to be powerful, they wear tuxedoes with pants, boys are getting involved in high heel and skirt wearing. This world is not like it used to be anymore. But we do like it, don't we? Ofcourse we do and that's why we love fashion so much. Photographs with their special seeing of things are living for fashion, they work their buttox off to show the essence of women and men all over the world. 

This photoshoot made by world famous Cameron Krone for French magazine is no exeption, he captured Ieva's rebel character perfectlly. Ieva is already written in to the style icon list and she still makes us WOW each time we see her next magazine editorial. She has that power inside her, the power of a strong woman of the XXI century. 

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